Gold Miners Index – the rally continues

Gold miners holding support, looking Upward

Trend following The Gold Miners Index (GDM), in a strong long term Upward trend, stronger than the S&P 500 Index (SPX), the next Monthly Bullish S/R (Support and Resistance Price level) is found at $661.90. So those already long, will look to nibble some more, and those not long may look to establish a new position at a close over the March High. There are various ETF options, such as the $GOAU. So as usual, all the trend following best practice ideas remain the same, multiple positions, small position size, stop out when your risk parameter is hit. A starting trend following portfolio could be the $GOAU, and the $SPY.

Gold Miners Index (GDM)

Tesla – a 90 day bank CD is more interesting

is this gig getting old already?

Tesla (TSLA) long term Monthly S/R (Support and Resistance Price levels) approaching $246. If the shorts stopped supporting this thing, where would it go? And when does the government propping up run out?

Tesla (TSLA)

S&P 500 Index more sideways trading, again

stocks going sideways, for 6 Months

The $2,816 S/R (Support and Resistance Price level) goes back 6 Months. This chart is 129 trading days, daily.The Dow 30 Index chart is below, the same sideways trading.


The Dow 30 Index S/R at $26,061


Stock Market Index list ranked by trendfollowing

Stock Market trendfollowing ranked and sorted

These US Stock Market indexes are ranked and sorted, by their 200 day trend relative to  a 10% annualized growth rate.

Name Symbol % Diff

  1. Amex Gold Miners Index GDM 9.4
  2. Utility Select Sector Index IXU 5.5
  3. PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index SOX 3.5
  4. Tech Select Sector Index IXT 1.3
  5. Gold Index XGLD 1.2
  6. Nasdaq 100 Index NDX -0.2
  7. Standard & Poors 500 SP-500 -1.5
  8. S&P Home Building Select Index SPHOME -1.5
  9. Dow Jones Industrials DJ-30 -1.9
  10. Silver Index XSLV -2
  11. Health Care Select Sector Index IXV -2.1
  12. S&P Biotechnology Select Index SPBIO -2.3
  13. Industrial Select Sector Index IXI -2.8
  14. Light Sweet Crude Oil Index XOIL -6.9
  15. Financial Select Sector Index IXM -7.7
  16. S&P Retail Select Index SPSIRE -9.8
  17. S&P Oil & Gas Exp & Prod Select Index SPSIOP -18.8

S&P Financial Select Sector Index

financial and bank stocks price levels

$IXM $XLF (ETF) Banks and Financial Stocks, Looking at 52 Weeks, Weekly S/R (Support and Resistance Price Levels) this Reversal area has been in “play” for weeks prior to this week. So, the mass media talk about interest rates, where were they a few weeks go?

S&P Financial Select Sector Index