Trade Signals – Dow 30 Index 02-28-2020

At the end of the trading session today, we can see that The Dow 30 Index (DJI) has been slicing through support levels like a chain saw through Jello┬«. On the stock chart below, looking at Monthly look-backs, we can see the next major support is is approximately $21,713., .. the area of the sell off December 2018. So if this takes all Spring and Summer to resolve, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Dow 30 Industrials Index (DJI)

Trade Signals – S&P 500 Index 02-27-2020

The S&P 500 Index (SPX) today, after the close, continued in “CRASH MODE” selling, breaking major long term support of $3025, as shown in the stock chart below.

Quote of the day: “Bottom fishing is the most expensive sport in the world” – Scott Minerd.

S&P 500 Index

Trade Signals – Aerospace & Defense Industry 02-12-2020

Today, The S&P Aerospace & Defense Industry (SPSIAD), in a long term Uptrend, is issuing another break of the weekly trend to the Upside. Corresponding Exchange Traded funds include The SPDR (XAR), and the leveraged ETF Direxion (DFEN).

S&P Aerospace & Defense Industry Index (SPSIAD)

Trade Signals – Nasdaq 100 Index

Trend investing the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) we can see in the stock chart below the breakout over the January reversal that happened on the 24th. February is trading over the January High.

Nasda1 100 Index (NDX)

The Nasdaq 100 Index has strong long term Upward momentum over a 40 week moving average, in excess of a 20% annualized rate of growth, as indicated by the bottom panel in the stock chart below.

Nasda1 100 Index (NDX)
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