Franco Nevada added to the IBD Fifty list

If nothing else, at least someone is awake over at IBD. Last week they added another gold stock, Franco Nevada (FNV), to their ETF (FFTY). So this make two gold stocks, the other is Kirkland Lake (KL). The list of components is found at The ETF itself, although long term positive, is under-performing manyContinue reading “Franco Nevada added to the IBD Fifty list”

PHLX Semiconductor Index update

The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX) today has crossed from below to above our long term Trend Investing benchmark. The next major area of resistance is $1,914 shown on the stock chart below. This industry index joins the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX), The Gold Miners Index (GDM), and several others, in the Long Term Bullish category.Continue reading “PHLX Semiconductor Index update”

Stocks Indexes and Gold update 05-16-2020

Using the long term trend investing model of 20% annualized rate growth over a 200 day moving average, the following indexes are Bullish, as of the close Friday. Ranked by performance. Pure Trend Investing, no predictions, no forecasts, no fundamentals. Comments welcome. Gold Miners Index Fang Index S&P Biotechnology Index Gold Dow Jones Composite InternetContinue reading “Stocks Indexes and Gold update 05-16-2020”