Industrial Sector trend investing update 10-19-2020

The S&P Industrial Select Sector Index $IXI, (XLI) ETF, last week indicates a long term Bullish trend. The long term trend filter at or in excess of a 20% annualized rate of growth was indicated when it crossed from below to above, its’ 200 day moving average. Additionally, the Index is gaining momentum, by wayContinue reading “Industrial Sector trend investing update 10-19-2020”

Franco Nevada added to the IBD Fifty list

If nothing else, at least someone is awake over at IBD. Last week they added another gold stock, Franco Nevada (FNV), to their ETF (FFTY). So this make two gold stocks, the other is Kirkland Lake (KL). The list of components is found at The ETF itself, although long term positive, is under-performing manyContinue reading “Franco Nevada added to the IBD Fifty list”

S&P 500 Index weekly 09-15-2020

The index (SPX) today closed at $3,401.20 In an ongoing bull market, last weeks’ high, as indicated on the stock chart below, was $3,426. In the context of trend investing, we want to see the price close over that at the close of this week. The index is continuing to maintain a trend filter inContinue reading “S&P 500 Index weekly 09-15-2020”