Nasdaq 100 Index – new High follow through

Trend following The Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) after making a new all time high this week, is following through today. So now, as a matter of using systematic rules, typically trend following investors will now look for a weekly closing over last week’s High, or a monthly closing over last Months’ High.


The Index, this week, is now trending at, or in excess of, a 20% compound annualized rate of growth, over a 200 day stretch.


There is absolutely no need for using exotic algorithms, and other opaque and complex, and proprietary strategies.

For the trend following newbies out there, trend following involves strategies using price input only. So, you won’t find us mind numbing you about extra judicial councils in Washington, or mindlessly intriguing you with who is now running for office, as do many of the stock blogs and teevee channels.

Author: Trendanomics

Trend following the markets with simple trend following strategies.

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